Competent, reliable, punctual - your German electrician

We are your German electrical specialist KoserTec, in Marbella - Costa del Sol.

KoserTec was founded in 2001 and has been headed by Christian Koser since then.

When I came to Marbella with my family in 1999, there was no telling where the adventure "Emigration" would lead me. I started with a well-known interior designer and it quickly became clear that I could offer my customers more than just appearing on time and reliably. The product knowledge and the contact to German manufacturers were very well received. In 2005 we were allowed to work on our most extensive project to date - the renovation of the Marbella High Care Clinic. We have reinstalled everything electrically. Exterior and interior lighting, marble heating, the telephone and call system, automatic doors and gates, pump systems, operating theaters and X-ray rooms. Almost everything that has a cable ran through our hands.

A great and wonderful project.

After completion, work followed in large hotels and of course in private houses. With our team we were able to consolidate our place in Marbella.

It is time to thank our employees, who are reliable and tireless at our side.

Of course, other factors also belong to success. Thanks to our specialist knowledge, our ambition and reliability, we always have a very good relationship with our suppliers. Most of them have been with us since we began. Trust is very important here.

With the merger of various German craft companies, the "Handwerkskreis Marbella", we have been able to maintain our place between Malaga and Estepona.

Thank you to all of our customers who have placed their trust in us in the past.

It would of course be a lie, I would say, we have never made mistakes, people work for us. But if something does not go so perfectly or smoothly, I will vouch for any mistakes with my good name.

What you can rely on:

  • Excellent quality from a specialist company.

  • Use of high quality materials.

  • Use of environmentally friendly materials and environmentally conscious processing.

  • High value retention of the work carried out.

  • Service and advice on everything to do with the job.

  • Timely processing.

  • Comprehensive guarantees.

  • Organization and coordination of different craftsmen.

Aktionskreis Handwerk:

The Aktionkreis Handwerk Marbella is a loose association of entrepreneurs who are committed to the tradition and values of their profession and who use the knowledge of modern times for the benefit of their customers.

The interest in the tasks, the love of the material and the challenges of modern technology are the drive for our creation.


Light is a big topic for us - especially since light-emitting diodes (LEDs) conquered the market.

We offer you individual solutions for your room lighting or atmospheric outdoor lighting


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