Living space heating

Marble heaters are not only noble, they are also one of the most beautiful ways to heat. In addition, they are more efficient than any other heating system and the most cost-effective solution to install full heating afterwards.

They are thermostatically controlled and offer constant heat distribution from the feet to the head. The heat radiation is similar to a tiled stove.

Forget your provided radiator, next winter is sure to come.

Bathroom heating

In the case of a new building or renovation, underfloor heating can be installed - at least we would recommend that.

But what if the floor is done? There are different types of heaters here. One of them is the towel heater. We sell and install these radiators in various sizes, colors and shapes. Whether step control or equipped with a thermostat you will find another piece of luxury.

Terrace heating

Extend the summer with an infrared heater. Mounted on the wall of your terrace, it not only provides cozy warmth in the evening.


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