Whether inside or outside - everything looks much nicer when properly lit.

The planning and installation of luminaires of various types has been one of our specialty for decades. The modernization or conversion of old lighting systems to energy-saving light sources is also an important task with today's energy prices. During assembly, we only use light sources from well-known manufacturers.

Outdoor and garden lighting

There are no limits to the design of your garden with light.

In addition to decoration, garden lighting is also used for safety. The way to the front door, steps, stairs and tripping hazards should be well lit.

We combine the lights with motion detectors, so not everything is permanently lit and, by the way, unwanted guests are deterred. Light is perfect for highlighting certain objects in the garden. Whether tree, pond or pergola - various spotlights can be used to set fantastic accents.

We can also set accents by placing lamps, lights and fairy lights in or on trees, railings or stairs.

Interior lighting

Depending on the purpose of the room, a comfortable or clear working atmosphere can be created. The right lighting sets the scene for a room and creates a cozy atmosphere.

You can plan light - and you shouldn't leave anything to chance here. Because the shade, the degree of lighting and the type of lamp have an enormous effect on the spatial effect.


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