Electrically operated doors and gates

we can not only install, we also repair your defective door operator.

After 10 years of service experience at Dorma Türautomatik in Germany, we know what we are talking about.

Whether a sliding gate operator or a garage door motor - we have the right product in our range.

Room doors with electric drives are no longer a rarity. From the restaurant or hotel you probably know the doors that open as if by magic. We can also install this convenience in your home. We also have compact solutions for handicapped-accessible living. For all convenience, safety should come first, especially with power-operated doors and gates. We also install safety light barriers or contact loops in existing systems. Such a measure can be carried out with little effort and cheaper than you might think.

Garage door drives

Up-and-over or sectional doors -we have the right drive for every door.

Sliding or revolving entrance gates

Hydraulic or spindle drives - the selection is important for reliable operation. The installation of safety devices is a matter of course.

Automatic door

Automatic door openers not only make life easier for people with disabilities. We can supply and install the right drive for room doors, entrance doors or sliding doors.

Shutters and awnings - here, too, you've come to the right place

Whether it is a repair or a new installation - we will be happy to advise you extensively and competently which product is right for you.


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